Typographia – Barcelona

Whilst in Barcelona in the summer I visited a small  clothing store called Typographia. After walking past and seeing the store I just had to go in and take a look.

The store is part of an International project working with young people to create a unique approach to design and print t-shirts, with stores present in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and will be coming to Porto soon.

IMG_1151   IMG_1152   IMG_1154

IMG_1155   IMG_1150

The store was really well layout inside with vintage decor, yet was very modern with the large glass windows and the all white walls. The store contained a large selection of screen printed t-shirts which were all very clean designs with generally minimalist style.

The store also had a back room behind the counter  where It seemed the shirts were both designed and printed which was a good feature.

The place in general was very well thought out and with extreme attention to detail such as the old steel pipes they used to display in the window.(shown above)

IMG_1156      IMG_1153

I was very impressed with the store and decided to purchase a t-shirt not only as I liked the typographic design but to support them in what they are doing. Upon Purchase I saw their business card which was nicely designed. It featured their logo embossed into brown card with their name printed below.

IMG_1188                     IMG_1187

If you want to check out their online store the link is below.


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